Why you can’t use the Good Stuff?

It’s a matter of Attitude.  Really is a philosophy the owner has about beloved things and sharing them.

I’ve seen it throughout my journey as a property manager.  I remember when I met the owner of Doctor’s Order prior to purchasing it.  I commented to him about how things were pretty beat up and his reply told me a lot.  He said, “why bother fixing this stuff as the renters will just tear it up”.

Prior to purchasing our beach house in Destin, Florida, I acquired 4 rentals in the Atlanta area. Over the years I’ve hears many landlords express that same sentiment.  These same landlords are usually the ones complaining about people not paying rent and having to go through evictions all the time.

What I learned over the years is that is you don’t want to be a slumlord, you need to present a place the families will take pride in living there.  This has been my manta over the years and I’ve never had the problems others seem to have repeatedly.  I also learned from many business ventures that most of the times, the people demanding the steepest discounts are the ones that cause you the most headaches. If you offer a good product, and people appreciate it, they will realize the value and pay for it.

So while most owners have the mindset that it saves them money to with hold the nicest things they have from you,  I realize that it is those nice things that will make you feel good about the place you have chosen to stay.  When I do upgrades on any of my homes, I always go top line.  I’m never frivolous, but the wife and I do not skimp. We want you to feel like your vacation is at a place that is nicer in many ways than your own home.  We want you to be able to enjoy all the activities that the area calls for.

Vacation Beach House Rental Destin FL



So for the Crystal Beach area, everybody should be able to enjoy a bike ride, or go kayaking in the ocean. This is why at Doctor’s Orders Beach House we have all those things, and share them with you. We also see those wonderful Beach Umbrella and Chairs that you can have if you shell out $35 every day. We think you should have those too, so we had some made up with our custom logo on them.  In the house, you will notice things like a very new top of the line Weber BBQ, Keurig and Cuisanart coffe makers, new pots and pans, glasses, adorable Bedspreads, etc..  All of this is part of the mantra that if you love our house as much as we do, you will treat it with respect.

Yes, these things are costly and allowing our guests to use them will wear them out much quicker, and some things will get lost or broken, but in the grand scheme of things where appreciate families are paying good money to stay at Doctor’s Orders, we will fix or replace as needed.

Through our first year of renting the beach house, this attitude has worked as well as it has back in Atlanta.  Our guests have been a pleasure to deal with.

Ken & Franni Whiteside
Doctor’s Orders Beach House

Crystal Beach Vacation Rental